1st UB3Guard Makeathon in Freiburg - a real mixture of creating something and completing a "brain"-marathon

17 October 2022

During the Makeathon in Freiburg from October 4-5 2022, a group of 15 researchers from social and nature science fields got together during these two intense days. In order to start with the initiation of an interactive map of pests and pathogens in Europe, we all gained experience in the meaning of the word maekathon. Working together on a project, that each participant is ambitious to contribute to, creating it, discussing intensely and in the end having an outcome feels productive, while you actually feel you have completed a makeathon in discussions and focussing. We achieved our goal to define all criteria necessary for the next step and are looking forward to the next level of creating the map virtually. Thanks to all participants for the amazing experience with you!

Kathrin Blumenstein